Capitol Hill Psychic Boutique -
About Us
Need to know what’s next? Is it worth the wait? Have a decision to make?
 Is he/she the right one?
Seek no more, we have the knowledge and wisdom to life’s questions and answers we are 99.9% accurate and honest.
We offer all psychic readings such as, Love and relationship readings Energy And chakra Readings Past life readings Tarot And crystal readings also spiritual cleansing meditation readings to help guide you on your path in life.
 All readings are accurate detailed and straight to the point We are no sugar coaters. no problem is to big or small for us…
Also clairvoiant and able to connect to those who have past and are spirit guides.
.We Are here to provide you with guidance on any challenge or problems you have on your road of life such as, Marrital Problems,Relationships,Love interests,Sexuality,Negativity,Buisness, Career,and Finance,Self Problems, Let me guide you down the right path dont hesitate chat with me today and see what the future holds for you …
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